Cheap Flights compiled from millions of searches on hundreds of airline and travel websites.


Do you sell airline tickets?
No, we're not travel agents, and we don't sell flight tickets. We simply provide links to give you a headstart on your flight search. Think of CheapFlightSpy as the online index for the best cheap flight deals at the other airline and travel websites.

Why should I use
Simply put, so you can save time and money. Instead of the traditional approach of going to dozens of different airline and travel sites yourself, and searching hundreds of different departure and arrival date combinations, we let you "spy" on the cheapest airfares found by millions of other travelers!

How does work?
When people search for flights on our partner sites, the search results are logged and the data is passed on to us. We process the data and display a continuously updated list of the cheapest flights between any two destinations, along with links to the original sites where the fares were found.

Why can't I search by date?
To find the cheapest flights, you have to be flexible about your travel dates (and sometimes even your destination). Our target user knows they want to travel, but is willing to adjust their plans to get the best deal, and our goal is to show them where and when to find the deals. If you need to travel on specific dates, you would be better served by a traditional travel site (our favorite is the Kayak flight search engine).

Why are there no results shown for my search?
We compile our data from flight searches by other travelers. This works very well for frequently traveled routes, but if nobody else has searched for your airport combination in the past 2 days or so, we have nothing to display. In this case, we'll link you to the traditional travel site where we think you're most likely to find a deal.

I clicked the flight details link, but the flight was no longer available. Why?
Airfares are constantly fluctuating, and cheap flights can go fast, so sometimes this happens. We try to avoid this situation by only showing the most recent results. If the flight is no longer available, try searching on our partner site for slightly earlier or later dates, as there may still be other cheap flights available (they just haven't made it onto our list yet because nobody else has searched for them!)

Do I pay a commission to use
No, we make all our money from advertising. The price you pay for the ticket is the same whether we send you to a site, or you go there directly. (Actually, for some sites we can offer coupon codes that mean you pay even less!)

Is spyware?
Of course not! The "spy" data we compile about cheap flights is totally anonymous -- we have no way of knowing who did the flight search. The only information we collect from visitors is to log hits on our own website, like almost every other site on the web (see our privacy policy for details).

Are you owned by one of the big travel sites?
No, we're an independent, family owned and run business.

I have another question...
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